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Friends of MSF UGA
Alumni Outreach Initiative

Welcome Friends of MSF UGA alumni! We hope you miss us, cause we miss you! Whether you’re taking a gap year, working a job, or studying hard in medical, dental, PA, etc. school, we want to make sure that you still have the opportunities we provided you before to some extent. Growing your resume and experience does not have to stop once you graduate. Therefore, we have launched an alumni program to help you network, give back to your community, and stay involved. 

On the right, you will find the different ways you can get involved! You can also join the mailing list for our monthly alumni newsletter above! We are always in need of help physically and financially so we hope we can keep working with you to continue making a difference at our UGA campus, Athens community, and globally. 

Museum 2

(Virtual option included)

(email us!)

Fists in Solidarity

Networking & Banquet

(More info to come)

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