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Friends of MSF at UGA Inc. Press Release on EU Humanitarian and Immigration Crisis


As many of you know, last week, a tragic shipwreck on the coast of Greece left hundreds of migrants dead or missing. The overloaded ship drifted for hours before finally capsizing, and has renewed the criticisms of EU immigration policies. International MSF is attributing this tragedy to the absence of safe and legal pathways to enter the EU for asylum seekers. At this time, we voice our support for the victims and their families. There is an MSF base located in Greece currently providing mental health services, sexual and reproductive health care, and social support for asylum seekers and refugees.

We condemn the EU’s stringent immigration and refugee laws on the humanitarian basis that immigration and border policies must welcome and regard all people with humanity and dignity. Harsh immigration laws put innocent children, women, families, and individuals at risk for unsafe migration practices, violence, extortion, and death.

As we hear more from International Doctors Without Borders, we hope to be advised on the best ways to take action to support and advocate for refugee and migrant rights. In this organization, we have no place for silence towards xenophobia. We do not discriminate against people based on race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or any identifying characteristics.

To our members who may have friends or family affected by the current humanitarian refugee crisis, please know that we see the EU's actions and we will advocate for the policy changes necessary to keep our migrants and refugees safe. We will not stand for the violation of human rights of any kind, and we support those suffering at the hands of these laws.

If you need someone to talk to or have any questions please email or visit

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