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Friends of MSF at UGA Inc.

March 24, 2024

For Immediate Release


Friends of MSF at UGA Inc. announces the appointment of two new board members. We welcome Alyssa Alay-Ay and Angela Ghimire who served as the Chief Operations Officer and Chief Administrative Officer (respectively) during the 2023-2024 year. Both bring experience not only from the positions they served on the executive board but also from the time they spent on our organization’s teams. Both Alay-Ay and Ghimire were selected by the current board of directors upon applying and showed exemplary attributes and legacies that make them well fit to continue to serve at FoMSF UGA on the board of directors branch. 


Additionally, as Simran Kaur Malhotra's (Founder, Former CEO, and current Chairperson of the Board of Directors) first term ends, she has decided to pass the torch of chairperson to Patricia Ni (Former CDO). Malhotra will continue to be on the board of directors and has been re-elected for another term to help advise the organization to a new frontier. 


Getting selected into this branch of power at Friends of MSF at UGA Inc. is competitive and prestigious. Those selected, serve in their term for 3 years making a long-lasting impact within our organization. Our branch aids in pushing the organization’s missions and values forward throughout our campus and community. To read more about the responsibilities and impact of the board of directors, read our constitution at


The Board of Directors serves as an upper branch of the organization and helps keep the organization and its executive officers balanced and in check to best serve you. Elected to be the best of the best that the organization has to offer, the Board of Directors currently consists of the following: 


  • Patricia Ni (Chief Diversity Officer 2022-2023)- currently the Chairperson of the Board of Directors

  • Simran Kaur Malhotra (Founder & Chief Executive Officer 2020-2022)

  • Abigail Baur (Chief Administrative Officer 2020-2021 & Chief Operations Officer 2021-2022)

  • Gouri Rajesh (Chief Administrative Officer 2020-2021)

  • Emily San Antonio (Chief Communications Officer 2021-2022)

  • John Web Burn (Chief Diversity Officer 2021-2022)

  • Ruchi Borole (Chief Networking Officer 2022-2023)

  • Alyssa Alay-Ay (Chief Communications Officer 2022-2023 & Chief Operations Officer 2023-2024)

  • Angela Ghimire (Chief Administrative Officer 2023-2024)


If you ever wish to speak to the board of directors and/or have questions or concerns you would like to present to them, please email To know more about the board of directors please visit



The Friends of MSF at UGA Inc. Board of Directors

Signature for IMMEDIATE RELEASE Chairperson of the Board:

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